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30x30 + Pinned It and Did It: Another Day Off

Shirt: The Limited, thrifted Cardigan / Pants: Old Navy Booties: Payless Scarf: Gift

Today, we're experiencing another ridiculously cold day with windchills around -45 degrees.  Many school districts (including mine) have closed schools for the day, so that means I have another unexpected day off!  I'm feeling a little conflicted about it.  On the one hand, I'm bummed I'm going to miss seeing my kiddos until next week and I need the internship hours, but on the other hand, I have a bonus homework day (which is already much needed).  Oh, Minnesota, you're so unpredictable!

The outfit for today is inspired partially by this pin.  I fell in love with coral over the summer, and pinned a ton of outfits featuring coral pieces.  I really loved how the coral and khaki looked together in the inspiration pin, so I decided to put together a winter outfit based on its colors.

I'm just going to talk for a minute about this cardigan, if that's alright.  So, I resisted buying any boyfriend cardigans forever because I thought I wouldn't like how they looked on me.  Boy, was I wrong.  I adore this cardigan!  It's a great weight, length, and fit for me, and the color is so versatile.  Now I have a confession to make.  So, I have been doing great at not shopping in January, but I happened to have some SuperCash that I got from post-Christmas shopping (plus my sister-in-law's SuperCash that she didn't think she'd be able to use...) plus some rewards to use at Old Navy.  Instead of letting them go to waste, I ordered a couple more of these cardigans in other colors as well as a few button-up shirts (I've tried so many button-ups, but Old Navy's are by far my favorite!) for a steal.  I'm proud of myself for limiting my purchases to only things that will be workhorses in my wardrobe, and for taking advantage of all the SuperCash and rewards!

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