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30x30: One Year

Dress / Belt: Old Navy Cardigan / Tights / Boots: Target

Today is my 1-year blogging anniversary!  I'm so excited to have made it through the first year!  I recently went back through my blog from the very beginning, and it was really fun to see how far I've come (check out my first outfit post for some good laughs) in all areas of my blog.

Here are a few stats from my first year of blogging:
  • I have published 253 posts.
  • I have guest posted for four different bloggers.
  • I have completed one full 30x30 remix challenge and am in the midst of my second.
  • I have also participated in several other blogging challenges and link ups, including 5 Days, Five Ways, Pinned It and Did It, One Piece Many Ways, and my own (sporadic) series of Plain to Polished.
  • I have spent far too much money on clothing, but have reflected a ton on my spending and am definitely feeling a change for the better.
  • I have shared the blog with only about five people in my personal life...and I'm completely fine with keeping it that way for now, too!
Blogging has been great for me for so many reasons.  It has helped me to explore my personal style and given me a place to document my outfits.  Blogging has given me a creative outlet and hobby that I've become so passionate about.  I've also met some fantastic women through blogging, which has been probably the most unexpected but wonderful thing about the whole process!  I just want to thank all of you for following along and supporting me along the way - your comments, emails, tweets, etc. mean so much to me, and they are what keep me motivated to keep blogging.  I am excited to see what happens with this little hobby of mine over the next year!

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