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30x30: Matchy Matchy

 Shirt / Cardigan / Jeans / Flats / Headband: Old Navy Necklace: Hand-me-down from Mom

Dang, another nearly head-to-toe Old Navy look, ha!  When I first got this shirt, I immediately thought of this necklace and knew that I wanted to wear them together some time.  Well, when I was getting dressed and looking for an accessory to make this outfit "pop," I remembered this necklace.  I think it looks pretty darn cute with the outfit, even though it is a little matchy matchy!

Also, I cannot believe there are just four more days of the 30x30 challenge!  It has gone super fast, and I can tell that I'm losing a little bit of steam.  My outfits have been a little on the bland side lately.  While I still love all my items, I am really looking forward to getting to wear the rest of my clothes as well...especially some of the new pieces I've picked up!

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