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30x30: INFJ

Shirt / Pants: Old Navy Jacket: JCPenney Booties: Payless Necklace: oNecklace

I'm so glad it is the weekend!  I start my last semester of grad school on Monday (!!!), and I'm going to be soaking up this weekend!  Today, my parents are coming to visit Kevin and me for lunch and a game day.  It will be nice to have them hang out, play games, and get to spend time with us and our pups.

I wore this outfit yesterday (I've been posting my 30x30 outfits one day after I wear them), and it was a perfect outfit for a casual Friday at my internship.  My supervisor and I spent most of the day doing personality assessments and college/career exploration with high school juniors all day.  I'm a huge Myers Briggs fan, and the personality assessment we delivered was adapted from that assessment.  I'm an INFJ, which fits me pretty darn perfectly.  Have any of you taken the Myers Briggs personality assessment before?  What is your type?

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