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30x30: Gray, Mustard, and Pandemic

Shirt: Old Navy Cardigan / Pants: Kohls Boots: Target Necklace: From my mom

This outfit looked so much better in real life than it does in this photo.  First of all, I took the photo in the afternoon, so the cardigan got kind of stretched out and my hair is kind of a mess - oops.  Also, my pants are actually a really nice charcoal gray, not black, like they look in the photo here.  I really like how gray and mustard look together, and I was excited to pair this comfortable gray and white striped shirt with my mustard cardigan.  It was the perfect outfit to wear for a game day with my parents and Kevin!  Have any of you played the game Pandemic?  Kev and I played it with some friends for the first time back in August, but we still love it and play it as often as we can with each other!  We went out yesterday afternoon and bought one of the expansion packs...and proceeded to play it all afternoon and evening!  We're such nerds :)

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