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30x30: Goofballs in Gray

Shirt: Old Navy Skirt: Bettie Page Tights / Boots: Target Necklace: Forever 21

It's Day 6 of the 30x30 challenge!  I liked this outfit because it was casual, and I loved how the gray and white striped shirt looked with the dark gray skirt.  For a little pop of color, I added my purple tights (which kind of look blackish in the photos, oops).  I've been a little unsure about wearing a plain long-sleeved tee without layering it, but I think it worked out just fine in this outfit!

While I was taking outfit photos, Kevin was totally teasing me about posing.  He asked if I would show him how to use the timer app I use, and when I left the room for a minute, he had taken the two photos below on the right.  I was laughing so hard at him and his posing.  He said we should take one more together, so that's what the left photo is.  We're lucky we found each other - we're pretty ridiculous!

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