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30x30: Details

Dress / Belt / Tights: Target Cardigan: Kohls Boots: Guess Necklace: Gift

Two days ago, I posted an outfit, and my sweet blogging friend Heidi asked me if I would mind taking some detail shots.  It's something I've done from time to time before, but I always forget to take them regularly!  With Heidi's comments in my mind, I decided to take a few detailed shots of my outfit, specifically of my leopard print tights and my necklace.  I enjoyed wearing this outfit because, although it is simple, it has some color, pattern, and shine that make it interesting!

Since Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I do not have class, work, or internship, so I'm very excited to have a three-day weekend!  I don't really have any plans - mostly to get a head start on some of my big projects for this semester, plan some activities to do with my students, and hang out with Kevin.  I'm sure we'll play some more board games, since we've been so into them lately!  Do any of you have any big weekend plans?

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