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30x30: Crossroads

Shirt / Jeans / Flats: Old Navy Jacket: JCPenney Necklace: Maurice's

We're in the middle of another polar vortex, and our university actually closed for the day (and we never close!).  Luckily for me, this means I get another bonus day to work on homework and projects.  I do have to say, though, I am getting really sick of all this wicked cold, the blizzard conditions, and the snow.  It is frustrating how it keeps interfering with my work, school, and internship.  I know that every place in the country has their own undesirable weather conditions, but I'm starting to feel the itch to try out another place for a while.  As my graduation date approaches (in May!) and both Kevin and I find ourselves in a big crossroads in our careers and education, I've been spending a ton of time lately thinking about what I want next.  Spending a few years in another state/region of the country before we have a child would be a really cool experience - so nerve-racking, but I think it would be incredibly rewarding.  Have any of you moved away from "home" before?  What are some things you love about it?  Things you don't like about it?  I'm just trying to sort things out, and any or all of your input would be greatly appreciated!

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