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Bold Vest

Dress: Old Navy Vest: Thrifted Tights: JCPenney Boots: Target, thrifted new Necklace: Gift from my parents

Today's outfit features one of my favorite color combinations: black, white, and red!  I love how bold this outfit is.  Between the big stripes on the dress and the bright red vest, I think this outfit is a "win."  This is another one of my new vests that I am excited to have in my closet.  I love that it's reversible as well - the inside print is white, black, and red plaid, which you can kind of see up at the neck of the vest.

On another's almost Thanksgiving!  I'm so excited for tomorrow - Kevin and I are going to his aunt and uncle's house about two hours north of Minneapolis to celebrate the holiday with his side of the family.  I'm really excited, since I've never been to their house before and am excited to "get away" for a little bit.  I've been completely overwhelmed with everything these days, so I'm looking forward to just getting to relax a little bit before the rush and panic of the end of the semester.  What are you all doing for Thanksgiving??


See You Later, Ankles!

Top: Maurices Cardigan: Target Pants: Old Navy Shoes: TJMaxx 

 A close-up of my shoes from those of you who were curious about seeing them last time I wore them!

I can't stay away from maroon.  It's one of my favorite colors to wear right now, and I just love how it looks with black and white!  I knew this past week that I would only have about one more day to wear ankle pants with flats, since the cold temperatures have finally really arrived - I even had to take out my puffy winter coat to beat the windchill!  I decided to rock my maroon ankle pants one last time, before I need to relegate them to being worn just with boots for the winter.


Floral Leggings...Too "Out There," or Wearable?

Dress: Old Navy Cardigan: Target, thrifted new Leggings / Booties: Target

I love a good pair of leggings, you guys.  I showed a different fun pair of leggings last week, and I just can't stay away from them when they're on clearance at Target.  While I love wearing leggings casually at home, I sometimes like to wear them with a solid dress or simple skirt to add some visual interest to the outfit.  I realize this floral pair of leggings is a little bit "out there," but I really love them and felt good in this outfit.  The leggings get the chance to shine with the otherwise simple chambray dress, red cardigan, and ankle booties.  Would you ever wear a bold pair of floral leggings??


Splash of Blue

Dress: Old Navy Leggings: Victoria's Secret Boots: Target Scarf: JCPenney

Earlier this week, I posted about how much I love black and green together, but I have another favorite color to pair with black: bold cobalt blue.  I've worn this color combination plenty of ways before, but I just can't seem to stop!  I really like this sweater dress because it is cozy and I'm a fan of stripes, but I didn't want to look like I belonged in prison.  To add a little splash of color, I added my cobalt blue scarf, and I like how it looks with the rest of the outfit!

Here are a few other ways I've worn black and blue together.  The original posts are linked below.
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Pinned It and Did It: Polka Dots!

Sweater / Blouse: Old Navy Pants: JCPenney Flats: Payless Necklace: From my sister-in-law

As someone who, for the past year and a half, has been tracking her outfits and not liking to be an outfit repeater, I have to admit I've worn this outfit twice in the past two weeks.  I feel amazing in it.  This sweater is ridiculously cute and cozy, and I love how the maroon blouse underneath brings out the maroon polka dots on the sweater.  It's a traditional silhouette, but the polka dots, pearl necklace and earrings, and sparkly headband make it a fun outfit.

The inspiration for this outfit came from this pin (via Lulu's).  I'll be linking up with Heather today for Pinned It and Did It!


Black and Green

Blouse: JCPenney Blazer: Old Navy Pants: Target Boots: Guess

What is it about black and green together that I love so much?  I have worn this color combination on the blog before (see here and here for a few examples), but there's something so striking about it that I love.  This sheer green shirt was an addition to my closet a few months ago, and while I love it immensely, I haven't worn it in many unique ways.  Previously, I've worn it on its own with jeans and flats, but I wanted to make it work-appropriate.  I love how it looks with my black ponte pants and black blazer.  I felt professional in the outfit all day at my internship.  Perhaps next time, I'll try wearing the top with one of my black skirts!


An Ode to Vests

Sweater / Jeans: Old Navy Vest: Christopher & Banks, thrifted Shoes: Target Scarf: From my mom

You guys, I just really love vests.  I have my green vest that works great for all seasons, and I used to have a cream vest that I loved, but accidentally shrunk in the wash.  I've been looking for some more winter-appropriate vests to wear with sweaters and long-sleeved tees.  While I adore the J.Crew Factory vest and the J.Crew quilted puffer vest that have been worn by every other blogger this fall, I cannot stomach the huge price tag on either.  Instead, I decided to hit up my local Goodwill to see what kinds of vests they had.  Oh, man.  I hit the jackpot!  I was able to find this beautiful purple quilted vest from Christopher & Banks for $4.  It's similar to the J.Crew version (and the Old Navy version), but in my favorite color - a rich plum - and for a fantastic price.  I also found a black Kenneth Cole Reaction puffer vest for $4, which is a fantastic deal, as these usually run over $100!  On the same trip, I also picked up a red puffer vest and a pink one.  I think I'm set on vests for a while now!

Today, I decided to style the purple vest with my camel sweater, a pair of skinny jeans, my camel ankle boots, and a pretty pink scarf.  I wore this outfit on a Sunday a couple of weekends ago, and then I wore it again for class the next evening - no shame.  It is comfortable, cozy, warm, and perfect for studying!



Top / Skirt / Leggings / Boots: Target Necklace: Forever 21

Okay, maybe this is just me, but I act differently when I'm wearing different outfits.  For instance, when I'm wearing more buttoned up and conservative outfits, I'm much more mellow.  When I wear outfits that are more formal, I tend to be more serious and "ladylike."  But when I wear an outfit like this that features the spunkiest pair of leggings that I own, I feel feisty and excitable all day.  I wore this outfit to work and class last week and I was a complete goofball all day.  These leggings are pretty wild, but I love them so much.  In order to pull something like this off, I think you need to be pretty confident, so I walked tall all day and felt like I could do anything!

Is this just me, or do you feel like your personality or outlook on the day changes according to what you are wearing?


Leopard Week - Belt + Linkup!!

Dress / Tights / Boots: Target Cardigan: Kohls Belt: The Limited

Today is Friday, which means that it's the last day of Leopard Week, which I cohosted with the lovely Andi.  This leopard belt was one of the first leopard printed things I have ever owned, and I really love it.  So far, I've worn it with a range of different colors, but almost always with dresses.  I love the way it helps cinch in my waist!  I know that this cream lace dress is pretty springy, but I wanted to try to make it appropriate for the cooler weather by adding tights, boots, and a cardigan.  I think it looks pretty good - what do you think?  Did I convince you that you can wear a lace dress for colder weather?

I can't wait to see all your linked leopard outfits.  Join the linkup below and check out the other participants to see how others have styled leopard print.


Leopard Week - Flats!! + Pinned It and Did It

Blouse: Target, thrifted new
Cardigan / Jeans: Target
Flats: Payless

I assure you, I am wearing leopard flats today for Leopard Week with Andi.  I've been experimenting with different settings on my iPhone camera to try to get better photos.  Today, while the image is a little crisper, the lighting down by my feet is pretty crappy so you can't even tell that my flats are leopard print!  What a bummer.  Oh well!  I was inspired to pair my purple ruffled blouse with my olive jeans and cream cardigan after looking at this pin from Corilynn.  I love the way olive and purple look together, and the addition of cream is just perfect and keeps the outfit from looking too heavy.

Just a reminder that tomorrow, you'll have the chance to link up your leopard outfits with Andi or myself, so get ready!  I'm also linking up with H&K Style Journey for Pinned It and Did It today!  Check out the other submissions!


Leopard Week - Scarf...Part 2!!

Dress / Blazer / Scarf: Old Navy
Tights: Target
Boots: Guess

Leopard Week is halfway over, y'all!  Obviously, my leopard infinity scarf needed to be included this week.  It's one of my favorite scarves and I've worn it so many different ways.  Today, I decided to wear this dress, which is a beautiful shade of purple.  The dress is short sleeved and a little on the thin side, so I paired it with my black blazer and fleece-lined tights for extra warmth.  While the lighting of the photo is off, my boots are actually a warm brown color, which brings in the brown from the leopard print scarf.  All in all, I love the outfit and felt great in it all day!

Be sure to check over at Andi's blog to see how she's wearing leopard today!


Leopard Week - Scarf!!

Blouse / Blazer: Gap Jeans / Flats: Old Navy Scarf: From my mom

It's the second day of Leopard Week with Andi!  Today's outfit features my light blue leopard print scarf.  My mom gave it to me because it was too voluminous for her...I say, her loss, my gain! :)  I love this scarf and have typically only worn it with browns before.  Last time I wore it, I asked for suggestions of what colors to pair it with and Abby suggested I try it out with navy.  So today, I decided to wear my navy blazer with the scarf, and I absolutely love the way the look turned out!  Thank goodness for blogging friends, right?!

I'm also linking up with Bri for Third Thursday Threads!


Leopard Week - TOMS!!

Sweatshirt / Tank / Jeans: Old Navy Scarf: From my mom Shoes: TOMS

It's the first day of Leopard Week, which I'm co-hosting with the lovely Andi from Just Another Smith.  I am starting off the week with my leopard TOMS.  I have several pairs of TOMS, but these leopard ones might be my favorite.  I love the silver leopard print, because it's neutral and matches with so many outfits.  They might be some of my most comfortable shoes as well.  I also love that they're lined with hot pink corduroy.  It keeps them cozy and warm for cooler weather, but if I wear them in the summer, they aren't too sweaty and gross.

As for the outfit, I wore this on Saturday when I spent the day working on homework.  These jeans are quite comfortable, and since our apartment has been chilly lately, I wanted to layer up with a comfy and cozy sweatshirt and scarf.  I've been MIA a little bit in the blogging world (I've pre-scheduled many of my posts, but have not had the chance to sit down and comment on or read blogs lately...) since I'm in over my head with work, school, and my internships.  We have our comprehensive exams in less than a month, so I've been busy studying for those on top of all my other coursework (omg so many projects right now!).  I am so looking forward to the end of the semester, when I'll have some time to relax and catch up on all kinds of life projects and things.  Until then, bear with me, please!! :)

Check out Andi's first outfit for Leopard Week, too!  And be sure to stop back tomorrow for Day Two of Leopard Week!


Camel, Maroon, and Florals

Shirt: Old Navy, thrifted Blazer: Thrifted Pants / Flats: Old Navy Necklace: From my grandma

I bought this blazer back on Labor Day, but I haven't actually worn it until just recently.  I'm not sure what took me so long to finally create an outfit featuring this piece, but I'm glad I did - I really like the way it looks on me, and the color is fantastic.  It's a nice warm cognac that is perfect for the fall.  I knew I wanted to wear it with this floral blouse, and was originally going to try it out with some skinny jeans.    However, when I was going through my closet, I came across my maroon ankle pants and thought that they might complement the rest of the outfit quite nicely!  I'm really pleased with how this outfit turned out.  It was perfect for work, and it reflects my sense of style nicely, I think.

I also want to remind you that I'll be co-hosting Leopard Week with Andi of Just Another Smith next week.  We'll be showing you how we style certain articles of leopard print clothing and accessories each day next week, and you'll be able to link up with us next Friday!


Pinned It and Did It: Pink and Gray

Shirt: Old Navy, thrifted Blazer: Calvin Klein, thrifted Jeans: JCPenney Shoes: TOMS

It's time for another installment of Pinned It and Did It over on H&K Style Journey!  Sometimes, my Pinterest-based outfits are close recreations of outfits, but sometimes, I'm inspired by things as simple as a color combination...which is the case for today!  I was inspired by this pin and knew I wanted to put together a gray and pink outfit.  In my entire closet, I only have two things that are this shade of light pink: this blouse and a pink scarf with flowers on it.  The top was the winner today!  I wanted to make this outfit somewhat work-appropriate, so I paired it with my light gray blazer, my dark wash bootcut jeans, and my trusty gray TOMS.  I like how the outfit turned out and felt peaceful in this nice color combination all day!

Check out the other bloggers who have been inspired by their Pinterest boards over at Heather's blog!

HK Style Journey

Also, I am letting you all know that I'll be co-hosting Leopard Week over at Just Another Smith with the lovely Andi next week!  Get your leopard print pieces out and join us!!


Camera Advice?

 Top: Calvin Klein, thrifted Blazer / Jeans: Old Navy Booties: Target

This is the first outfit I wore featuring these booties from Target.  I loved how they looked on Whitney, who has been consistently rocking them with skirts and dresses.  I wanted to see how they'd work with skinny/straight leg jeans, so I put together this outfit.  I love how the brown and black look together, and I like this top because it has some pretty embroidery at the top, so I don't need to wear a necklace.

Once again, the lighting in this photo is really messed up - the top I'm wearing is a nice, medium brown, and the boots are a lighter taupe color.  I took this photo in the morning, though, so the golden sun was shining in, distorting the colors.  One of these days, I'll start saving my pennies for a nicer, real camera.  Sigh.  Just to put my feelers out there...what kinds of cameras do you recommend for someone who doesn't want something super expensive or complicated?  I'm looking for something that is smaller and could be compatible with a remote/tripod.  It doesn't need to be fancy or anything, just one that would take decent pictures and is workable for a photography dummy like myself.


Quintessential Brynn

Top / Cardigan / Jeans: Target Flats: Payless Necklace: Gift from parents

When I think about my style and how I like to dress, there are several things that come to mind:
  • Comfort is the most important thing.  If I am not comfortable in my clothes, I get really crabby.  I like my clothes to fit me well and feel good on my body.
  • I always want to look put together.  Even on weekends, I like to make sure I'm wearing clothes that are presentable to the public and that will allow me to feel productive.
  • I have been very drawn to neutrals as of late, and find great peace in an all-neutral outfit.  I think they're the best to have in my wardrobe because they can mix and match together, but can be spiced up with an interesting accessory.
  • Speaking of accessories...necklaces and scarves do a great job of making an outfit interesting.  I never want to look plain, so adding a necklace or a scarf to an outfit makes it much more unique. A fun pair of shoes or a belt can do the same thing.
I like this outfit because it has almost all of these criteria.  It's comfortable, looks polished, is made of neutral elements, but has some visually interesting pieces like a necklace, lace top, and leopard flats to keep it from looking stale.  This outfit is so "me," that I can't help but love it.


Weekend Comfort

 Top / Pants: Old Navy Cardigan / Shoes: Target Necklace: Forever 21

I don't have all that much to say about today's outfit, except for the fact that I love it and want to wear it all the time.  I was cozy all day in my chambray shirt and cardigan, and I felt cute with my navy floral headband and navy necklace.  These shoes are comfortable as well, and I like how they look with skinnier pants like these.  I have yet to try wearing these shoes with a skirt or dress, but I'm excited to give it a shot one of these days!