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Dress: Old Navy Leggings / Boots: Target Vest: Thrifted Scarf: From my mom

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!  I had a great, relaxing weekend at my in-laws' house.  We ate a lot of food, watched some movies, went on lots of walks, played a ton of games, and had great conversations.  I was really bummed to see the weekend end, since I have the busiest week ever this week.  My comprehensive exam for my Masters program is this Saturday, so I've been spending a ton of time studying.  On top of that, I'm still interning, working, and wrapping up my classes for the semester.  It's been really hectic, to say the least.  I am giving you all the heads up that my posting may be sporadic for the next couple of weeks, and while I have been keeping up with all your blogs in my Feedly app, I haven't had a free second to sit down and comment yet.  Once the semester is done, expect a flood of comments :)

I wore this outfit to the library to study last week.  It was a perfect studying outfit - incredibly comfortable with my leggings and sweater dress, but presentable for being in public as well.  These leggings are so darn cute and I love how funky they are!  Between the leggings, the vest, and the scarf, I felt like I should have been at a ski lodge for the day, haha.

Again, please bear with me these next few weeks.  I've never been busier in my entire life, and at some point, I need to prioritize everything on my plate.  Obviously, school comes before my blog (sorry!), so I'll be spending most of my time and energy plugging away on all that I need to get done by the end of the semester.  Thank you in advance for understanding!

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