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Revamping My Wardrobe

This weekend, AJ from AJ Wears Clothes wrote a fantastic post about coming up with her own uniform.  Her post was inspired by Into Mind's series on revamping your wardrobe, and I immediately went to check out the series to take notes and get inspired myself.

I started blogging nearly a year ago, and I have to say that I have come a long way, stylistically, from where I was last year.  I have discovered some things that work for me and have decided that while I might really like pencil skirts and pretty heels on someone else, they're just not for me.  I also have finally gotten to the point where I'm not feeling compelled to buy everything that other bloggers have simply because they are pretty or cute or fun.

Ways I wear skirts...
I have been quite intrigued with capsule and minimalistic wardrobes for a long time, and am interested in paring down my closet so that it contains only things that I'm in love with.  I want to get to the point where I never have days that I stand in front of my full closet thinking, "I have nothing to wear."  It currently happens more than I would like to admit, and it makes me feel pretty awful.

I love layering!
Both of the above mentioned posts talk about the idea of the uniform, and how important a "signature look" can be to helping you revamping your wardrobe.  To figure out what my uniform is, I went through my entire blog archives and pinned my favorite looks into a secret board on Pinterest (I'm weird and don't want my real life friends and family to know about my blog yet!).

Stripes & floral: patterns I like
At this point, I have noticed some patterns in my favorite outfits.  I am typically drawn to neutrals, but I also like to inject some color from time to time.  When I wear pants, I prefer skinny and slim cuts and pair them with something more flowy or loose on the top.  I like layers such as blouses and button ups with cardigans, sweaters, or blazers.  I prefer A-line or full skirts with elastic waists, as well as fit and flare dresses.  When I wear a fuller skirt, I like to balance it out with a more close-cut top or tee.  As for footwear, I definitely like flats: ballet flats, flat boots, and flat sandals.  I like stripes, leopard print, and floral print to add some interest as well as splashes of color.  I strive to make my outfits comfortable, polished, interesting, simple and balanced at this point.

While I love neutrals, I also like to inject some color in my wardrobe too.
Into Mind suggests creating a capsule wardrobe to help you get inspired and figure out what works and how to pair things together.  I completed a 30x30 challenge this past July with my friend Inge, and have been itching to do another one soon.  AJ is going to take the challenge on again in January, and I am going to join her.  Any of you who are interested in jumping on board are welcome to do so as well!
Some of my favorite outfits with pants
I'm eager to continue exploring my personal style and documenting it on my blog.  I really enjoy sharing this experience with all of you, as well.  I'm always open to comments and suggestions as I grow and develop my style further, so feel free to give me any feedback along the way!

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