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Gray Day

Dress: Old Navy Leggings / Socks / Boots: Target 

Last week, I finished up my semester, and I could not be happier about it.  I turned in all my assignments, gave my final presentation, took my comprehensive exams, and wrapped up my graduate assistantship (which helps me pay for school) for the semester.  I found out last week that I not only passed my comprehensive exams, but I kicked major butt!  What a relief!  I also got my final grades for the semester, and am still rocking a 4.0 in graduate school.  Not too shabby, and not a bad way to go into a month-long break from school!

Because I've had a crazy and stressful couple of weeks, I've been pretty uninspired with my outfits, and have found myself repeating outfits much more often than I normally do.  I wore this outfit a few weeks ago and never took pictures of it, and I loved here it is again!  I wore this to my elementary school internship, and my supervisor was also wearing a gray sweater dress with leggings and black boots.  Everyone kept joking with us that we called each other in the morning to get dressed, ha!  Brings me back to the days of middle school... We also were laughing because, while I'm only at that site once a week, we almost always wind up both wearing gray on the days that I'm there.  Apparently, I either wear entirely too much gray, or I need to switch up the day of the week in which I wear gray...

Does that ever happen to you?  Do you find yourself matching with colleagues a lot?  Or is this just a weird "me" thing??

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