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Budgeting Bloggers - November

It's time for another budget recap!  Last month, I reflected a lot about my spending and decided I wanted to make a change for myself.  I am pleased to report that, while I did spend a little bit of money this month, it wasn't very much.  I also only bought things that I've been looking for, which has helped me feel better.  Here's a small collage and summary of what I bought:

  • Pink puffer vest: $4, thrifted from Goodwill.
  • Cream sweater: $15, Target.
  • Red puffer vest: $4, thrifted from Goodwill.
  • Purple quilted vest: $4, thrifted from Goodwill. Seen here.
  • Black puffer vest: $4, thrifted from Goodwill, not pictured.  I am especially proud of this, because it's a Kenneth Cole vest that would have retailed at well over $100!  It's in perfect condition, too!
So, that is what I bought this month, for a grand total of $31.  Not too shabby, eh?  I was even able to resist Black Friday deals and am happy to have saved some money.  Historically, December has been a heavier shopping month for me, due to Christmas and my birthday.  I do have a few gift cards right now that I've been hanging onto, but I think I'm going to wait to spend them.  I have a couple more things that I've been looking for to add to my closet, and I haven't been able to find just the perfect things yet.

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