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Budgeting Bloggers - December

December has always been a heavier spending month for me.  Not only does it bring Christmas, but it also is my birthday month.  I originally was not planning to spend much money in December, but after a closet clean out and receiving birthday money, I decided to take advantage of some of the fantastic store deals.  I did wind up spending more than usual (again), but I honestly feel great about everything that I bought.

  • Black/blue studded sleeveless blouse: $7 - I love sleeveless blouses because they can be worn all year round!  I really like how edgy this one is, and the shade of blue is gorgeous. (not pictured in collage)
  • Cream/pink floral LC blouse: $10 - This top is so me!  It's a button up, a little roomy, is a beautiful floral print, and has a ruffle detail.  I love how it looks on me and the colors are perfect for me. (not pictured in collage)
  • Gray ponte pants: $20 - Ponte pants are one of my favorite things to wear.  I love wearing them to work and internship because they are stretchy and comfortable and hold their shape all day.  These are especially nice because they have actual pockets and a button and zipper, so they look like normal pants instead of leggings.  I also like that they aren't too tight, and yet they're still slim enough that they look nice tucked into boots. (not pictured in collage)
  • Black ponte pants: $20 - Same as above. (not pictured in collage)
  • Brown suede loafers: $5 - I recently got rid of a couple pairs of flats that I had had for a long time and were getting pretty worn out.  I wanted to replace them with a pair of casual brown shoes, and these fit the bill (and the price is right!!). (not pictured in collage)
  • Silver/black metallic flats: $5 - I have a pair of black and bronze metallic flats that I adore, and I have been looking for a similar pair in silver or pewter.  While I was browsing clearance shoes for the above brown loafers, I stumbled upon these.  Again, the price was right, and I love how comfortable they are! (not pictured in collage)
Old Navy:
  • Gray/white striped long-sleeved tee: $5 - I had recently looked through my closet and noticed I didn't have any long-sleeved tees.  Since I have all my new vests, I wanted to have some long-sleeved shirts to wear with them (also, it's probably a good thing to have long-sleeved tees in your closet, right??).  These striped tees were on major sale at Old Navy and are perfect!
  • Camel/white striped long-sleeved tee: $5 - See above.
  • Dog sweater: $4 - The day after Christmas, I went shopping at the Mall of America with my sister-in-law, and she found this sweater for me on the clearance rack.  It's no shame that I love dogs, and the price was fantastic, so I figured it would be a fun and quirky sweater to wear this winter.
  • Gray crew neck sweatshirt: $4 - My old gray sweatshirt shrunk in the wash, and I've been on the hunt for an affordable replacement.  These sweatshirts, which are essentially the same thing as what I had before, were on clearance for $4 on the day after Christmas as well, so I picked this one up as well.
  • Tan boyfriend cardigan: $12 - After seeing Danielle rocking her boyfriend cardigan, I decided to find one myself...and was lucky enough to find one for a great price! 
  • Navy ponte dress: $8 - Okay, so I didn't really need this dress, but it was $8, it looks awesome on me, and it completely fits with the direction I want my closet to take.  It goes with so many of my layering pieces already, and it can be worn all year round!
  • Yellow striped tee: $1 - I have this same tee in black and white and love it.  It has been in my online cart forever.  When I made a recent trip to Old Navy, though, I saw it on the clearance rack, in my size, for $0.99.  I bought it and removed it from my online cart as soon as I got home!
  • Dark denim Rockstar jeans: $19 - So, I've been seeing and hearing people rave about these Rockstar jeans for ages.  I've tried them on in the stores several times, but have found the sizing to be inconsistent across pairs, and they are usually way too short on me.  Since I hate returning items, I've never ordered them in Talls online, so I've just stuck to my Diva fit jeans and called it good.  I decided recently to try them out again, and when I was at the store searching for sizes, I found these dark rinse Rockstar jeans in Talls.  I practically held my breath as I tried them on, and lo and behold, they fit me perfectly.  I've been looking for some skinny jeans that are slim enough to tuck into boots, and have been striking out...until now.  I love these.
  • Black Rockstar jeans: $19 - See above.  I bought a black pair because my other black skinny jeans have faded a ton and gotten really stretched out.
  • Green military jacket: $20 - After having a jacket like this on my closet wish list for close to a year, I was so excited to find this perfect on at JCPenney! (not pictured in collage)
  • Cream scarf: $9 - These pashmina scarves from JCPenney are my absolute favorite.  I already have them in several colors and have been looking for a few more colors to round out my collection.  I was so happy when they were on sale for about half price! (not pictured in collage)
  • Mint scarf: $9 - See above. (not pictured in collage)
  • Pink scarf: $9 - See above. (not pictured in collage)
  • Metallic wrap sweater (New York and Company): $20 - In Fran's November budget, she linked to a gray and white fair isle open front cardigan from Gap.  I saw it and fell in love!  I saw one at Old Navy a while back but didn't want to pay full price.  Unfortunately, they sold out quickly and I missed my chance.  I did, however, find this tan metallic wrap sweater at NY&C on a major sale, and I absolutely love it.  I bought it a size too big so that it would be extra cozy, so you may not see it on the blog, but just know that I've been wearing it the past two days with a tank and leggings while I've been relaxing at home.  LOVE IT.
  • Black fit and flare dress (Target): $7 - Yes, another black dress.  This replaces one that I used to have that shrunk in the wash (I have to get better at paying attention to what I put in the dryer...).
  • Gray elastic waist skirt (Bettie Page): $12 - Another closet wish list item!  I have wanted a dark gray elastic waist skirt for SO long, and I found one at Bettie Page, and adorable retro clothing store in the Mall of America.
  • Brown ankle booties (Payless): $30 - Comfiest. Booties. EVER.
My subtotal for the month, before taking out gift cards was $260, oof.  However, I had $55 in Kohls cash and gift cards, plus $56 that I got from selling clothes to Plato's Closet, which brings my total down to $149.

I kind of am justifying some of these purchases because I received money for my birthday and Christmas and wanted to spend some of it on some new clothes.  Many of the things I bought are replacements for things that I have ruined in the wash, or things that were old and falling apart.  I got some things from my closet wish list that have been on there for a long time (long-sleeved tees, gray skirt, green jacket, scarves), and I finally got some jeans that not only fit me well, but are also exactly what I've been looking for.  I also did a lot of self-editing and monitoring while shopping this month.  I was so thoughtful about what I bought and made sure I only got things that fit with the direction I want my closet to go, things that look amazing on me, and things that I really loved.

In January, I am going to try to keep shopping to a minimum again, although I have two things that I'm allowing myself to use.  I am going to visit one of my dearest friends, Casey, in Charlotte, NC right after the New Year, and I'm going to allow myself to spend a little money while we're together.  Also, I have some rewards and Super Cash for Old Navy that needs to be used by the end of January.  I am only going to buy something if I really love it or need it, and I may wind up just replacing some basics (tanks and cardigans, I'm thinking).

Linking up with Fran and the other budgeting bloggers!

Edit: I forgot to mention that I had sold some items to Plato's Closet, so I adjusted my total above!

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