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Shirt / Blazer: Gap Jeans: Old Navy Flats: Target Scarf: JCPenney

Today is my 26th birthday!  I'm not doing too much exciting today...just a doctor's appointment, lunch with family, and seeing Catching Fire (again).  It's funny how birthdays are such a huge deal when we're little, but as we grow older, they become less of a fanfare.  I'm completely fine with that :)

I wore this outfit to my work holiday party last week.  I wanted to keep things nice and casual but put together, and this is what I decided on!  I really like the navy/white/red combination, and I got to wear these new flats ($9 on clearance at Target!).  A few weeks ago, Whitney wrote about how her style is getting more masculine as time goes on, and I have to say that mine has been getting more androgynous as well.  I just love how a blazer and a blouse looks with skinny jeans and flats.  There's something so clean about it!

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