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Top / Skirt / Leggings / Boots: Target Necklace: Forever 21

Okay, maybe this is just me, but I act differently when I'm wearing different outfits.  For instance, when I'm wearing more buttoned up and conservative outfits, I'm much more mellow.  When I wear outfits that are more formal, I tend to be more serious and "ladylike."  But when I wear an outfit like this that features the spunkiest pair of leggings that I own, I feel feisty and excitable all day.  I wore this outfit to work and class last week and I was a complete goofball all day.  These leggings are pretty wild, but I love them so much.  In order to pull something like this off, I think you need to be pretty confident, so I walked tall all day and felt like I could do anything!

Is this just me, or do you feel like your personality or outlook on the day changes according to what you are wearing?

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