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Leopard Week - TOMS!!

Sweatshirt / Tank / Jeans: Old Navy Scarf: From my mom Shoes: TOMS

It's the first day of Leopard Week, which I'm co-hosting with the lovely Andi from Just Another Smith.  I am starting off the week with my leopard TOMS.  I have several pairs of TOMS, but these leopard ones might be my favorite.  I love the silver leopard print, because it's neutral and matches with so many outfits.  They might be some of my most comfortable shoes as well.  I also love that they're lined with hot pink corduroy.  It keeps them cozy and warm for cooler weather, but if I wear them in the summer, they aren't too sweaty and gross.

As for the outfit, I wore this on Saturday when I spent the day working on homework.  These jeans are quite comfortable, and since our apartment has been chilly lately, I wanted to layer up with a comfy and cozy sweatshirt and scarf.  I've been MIA a little bit in the blogging world (I've pre-scheduled many of my posts, but have not had the chance to sit down and comment on or read blogs lately...) since I'm in over my head with work, school, and my internships.  We have our comprehensive exams in less than a month, so I've been busy studying for those on top of all my other coursework (omg so many projects right now!).  I am so looking forward to the end of the semester, when I'll have some time to relax and catch up on all kinds of life projects and things.  Until then, bear with me, please!! :)

Check out Andi's first outfit for Leopard Week, too!  And be sure to stop back tomorrow for Day Two of Leopard Week!

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