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Still Loving Maroon

Shirt / Cardigan / Pants: Old Navy Necklace: Forever 21 Shoes: TOMS

I've written previously about how much I love maroon, and I'm still loving it.  I bought these ankle pants at Old Navy for a steal, and I already can tell they will get worn a ton.  They are the same style (Diva skinny-ankle pants) as my blue printed pants, and I really recommend them.  These pants are stretchy and comfortable, and yet they hold their shape and look professional as well.  I love this color combination of maroon and gray.  They are both dark and rich, and I think they work well together for fall.

PS. Sorry my photos have been so crappy lately.  With my crazy schedule, I usually need to take my pictures really early in the morning or just past it's been really gloomy and cloudy lately, so the natural light is almost nonexistent.  Someday, having a "real" camera will be so great...

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