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Sweater: Old Navy Jeans: Old Navy Boots: Target Scarf: From my mom

You know how it's kind of standard for people to complain about their in-laws?  Well, I'm not one of those people.  I have been so lucky to have married into the most wonderful family.  Kevin's parents are smart, caring, fun, generous, funny, and supportive.  They have welcomed me into their family with wide open arms from the very first time I met them.  I love spending time with them and feel so "at home" with them.

I wore this outfit this weekend when I spent the day with Kevin's parents.  On Saturday, Kevin was hanging out with a bunch of his guy friends right near where his parents live, and rather than staying at home alone with our dogs, I decided to spend the day with his parents.  We had a fantastic time!  We spent the morning chatting and taking all of our dogs (I brought our two pups with me, and Kevin's parents have two basset hounds) to the dog park to wear them out.  Later, Kevin's parents and I went to Cecil's Deli, a fantastic deli in St. Paul for lunch and more conversation before heading to downtown St. Paul for the St. Paul Art Crawl.  I had never been to an art crawl before, and it was SO cool!  First of all, I love St. Paul and feel so happy there.  Plus, I really enjoy looking at art and getting inspired by professional artists.  Kevin's family friend has a studio in a loft downtown, so we stopped by to see her and all her art.  Listening to an artist tell stories about how they create their art is so fascinating and inspiring!  Afterwards, we decided to drive around St. Paul and look at our fantasy homes, if we were to ever move to St. Paul some day.  When we got back to their house, we had dinner and more conversation and Kevin met up with us after he was done with his friends.  Honestly, it couldn't have been a more perfect day!!

Am I the only one out there who adores her in-laws??  Or do any of you have special relationships with your partner's family?

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