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Footwear Challenges...

Sweater / Vest / Pants: Old Navy Tall boots: Guess Short boots: Target Scarf: From my mom

Well, my iPhone tends to take decent pictures when it's sunny outside...but when it's cloudy or dark outside, the photos come out with distorted colors and an annoying graininess... For your reference, the pants that I'm wearing here are navy blue, the boots I'm wearing in the top photo are a nice cognac color, and the boots that I'm wearing in the bottom photo are dark brown.

I've been struggling with footwear lately, you guys.  In the summer, I feel comfortable in ballet flats, sandals, wedges, and TOMS and interchange them all frequently.  However, as much as I love dressing for cooler temperatures, I often find myself stuck on what to wear on my feet.  I have a few pairs of boots , but I also don't want to be stuck wearing boots for the next 6 months.  I've just recently decided that I wanted to give ankle boots a try, so I ordered this pair (after seeing how freaking adorable they are on Whitney) with a coupon and a gift card.  I'm eager to get them finally and add a different shaped boot to my colder weather shoe options.  While I'm faithful to my ballet flats, they're admittedly not the greatest shoes to wear in the colder weather.

Aside from boots and ankle boots, what kinds of footwear do you recommend that I check out for the colder weather?  I'm desperate for some new suggestions!

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