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Fit & Flare

 Dress / Blazer: Old Navy Scarf: From my mom Tights / Boots: Target

I wore this outfit when I was representing my graduate program at our state's education conference.  One of my classmates and I sat at a table in the exhibition hall and talked to current Minnesota educators about our counseling programs.  Before graduate school, I worked professionally in college admissions, so sitting in the exhibition hall felt like being at a college fair again, and I loved being able to chat it up with lots of teachers.  When we had less busy times, my classmate and I just chatted and had a great time together.

I felt great in this outfit.  This ponte dress is incredibly comfortable, and I love how it looks on me.  These fit and flare dresses are my favorites to wear.  I think they're the most flattering silhouette for my body, and I like how I can dress them up or down.  Since it was chilly outside, I decided to wear my black blazer as an additional layer, as well as this fun, patterned scarf for a little extra pattern.  This was also the first time this fall that I have worn tights since it is finally cooling way down in Minnesota!

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