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Shirt: Old Navy, thrifted Vest: Old Navy Pants: NY&C Boots: Target Scarf: Kohl's

You guys, after years of talking about getting my hair cut super short, I finally did it on Friday evening. I brought in a picture of Pink (because I love her, her spunkiness, her edge, and her hair) and chatted with my hair stylist about whether or not it would work for my hair type.  I have been blessed with really versatile and cooperative hair, and my stylist said it would be perfect in a messy pixie cut like this.  So...she started cutting.  Halfway through, she asked me, "Are you freaking out yet??" and I responded, "No!  I'm just excited to see it when it's all done!"  After the cut was done, she showed me how to style it in different ways - for an edgier look, for a more conservative look, etc. - and showed me a 360 degree view of the new 'do.  I was so excited to have finally taken the plunge into short hair, something I've wanted to do for years.

My family gushed about it when I showed it to them.  Kevin gasped and said it was the best he's ever seen me.  I really loved it, but the more I looked at it, the more I got nervous for what everyone else was going to say about it.  I've gotten negative feedback in the past about my hair.  It's been super long and super short, and with every step of the way, there are people with strong opinions telling me what they like and what they don't like about my hair.  I wish I wasn't the kind of person who cared about what other people think of me, but I do, in some ways.  I don't want people making any kinds of assumptions about my based on how I dress or how I look - I'd rather let my actions speak louder about me, honestly.  However, I know that in this society that values a woman's appearance more than anything else about her, this just isn't going to be the case.

As I sat with Kevin on Friday night, I started to cry a little bit.  My whole family was so supportive and excited about my new hair (and I still loved it), but all I could think about was going to school and work in the upcoming week and worrying about the kinds of feedback I would get.  I shared this with Kevin, and essentially, he reminded me that the only thing that mattered was that I loved it.  Those who made negative comments were just revealing their own insecurities and assumptions about what it means to be a woman with short hair (and in my opinion, it just means I want to have short hair...).  Kevin said that the most important thing is that I rock my new hair with that is what I have done.  And since that little moment of insecurity, I have completely loved it.

I have some more reflections about my new hairstyle, but I want to really articulate myself this post is quite long enough.  I am looking forward to continuing to play with this new hair and, as Kevin said, confidently owning my new look!!

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