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Shorts to Work??

Blouse: JCPenney Shorts: Tommy Hilfiger Flats: Payless

Happy Labor Day!  For those of you who have the day off, I hope you're all enjoying your "last day of summer!"  I'm spending the day getting ahead on homework and hanging out with Kevin and our dogs.  It's finally nice outside so we're planning on playing tennis or taking the pups to the dog park or something.

I wore this outfit last week when I was interning at the high school.  I was helping out at 9th grade orientation, and knew I would be running all around the building (with no AC!).  I had worn a dress or skirt every day for a week and needed a break from the Spanx (yep, I wear Spanx under every dress or skirt...damn chub rub...).  These shorts were long enough to be appropriate and I just love the bright coral color!  I felt a little strange wearing shorts to work, but there were plenty of teachers there that day who had on much shorter shorts than that helped a little bit.  Next time I wear this blouse, I need to take a detail shot.  There is this amazing, gorgeous ruffly floral detail on the left shoulder, and you totally cannot see it at all with the way the lighting is in this shot!  It's so big and pretty that I don't usually wear a necklace with this top - it's a statement in and of itself!

Would you ever wear shorts to work?

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