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Pinned It and Did It!

Shirt: Old Navy Blazer: Gap Skirt: LOFT Shoes: Payless Necklace: Maurices

It's amazing what a little bit of planning can do - I was organized enough to plan this outfit (based on this pin), take my photos, and write this blog post before the actual linkup!  I consider that to be quite the accomplishment, especially with my hectic schedule these days!

Image from here
I just love this photo - the elements are all so great together: the chambray shirt, navy blazer, white pants, and statement necklace come together to create a lovely ensemble!  I decided to recreate this with my (wrinkled) white skirt, since I don't have any white pants.  Additionally, I opted against pearls and decided my white statement necklace would be a nice accent piece.  I think it translates pretty well!

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