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Coral and Floral, Take Two

Top: The Limited, thrifted Cardigan: TJ Maxx Shorts: LOFT Shoes: Anne Klein, TJ Maxx Necklace: From my mom

Oof, you guys...I'm still trying to figure out how to manage everything with my new schedule...working, interning, class, homework, lots of driving, making time for my family, PLUS writing blog posts and checking out all of your blogs?  It's been hard to keep up!  To those of you who are also bloggers, I promise I haven't forgotten about you all, I just haven't had a free minute to sit down and really read through your blogs and comment.  So, again, I have well over 200 unread posts for this week sitting in my Feedly.  And again, I'm hoping to get a handful of posts read each evening as my "decompress" time after homework and such.

I'm also tossing around a couple of ideas for posts that I wanted to get some feedback on.  I just completely cleaned out and rearranged my closet.  Would you be interested in seeing a "closet tour" post?  What about a closet inventory post (or page, like Whitney has done)?  I've also thought about doing a "what's in my bag" post for what I take to school and work each day (I don't know why, but I love those posts when other people do them!).  I've tossed around the idea of doing some kind of "vlog" too...when I hear bloggers' voices, it makes me think of them as more "real" or something...does that make sense?  Any feedback you have on any of these ideas would be appreciated!

As for this outfit, I really am trying to wear my shorts as much as I can before it gets too cold to wear them again.  I've really been sticking with the whites, creams, pinks, and corals when wearing these shorts, but every outfit has been a little different.  I went to Goodwill on Labor Day (50% off everything!) and got several great tops, like this one!  It has a really subtle sparkly pattern to it that I like a lot.  (Side note: I need to get better at taking detail shots so you can see things like this!)  I accented the outfit with gold earrings, a gold necklace, and these gold boat shoes.  I really liked how it turned out!

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