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Sweatshirt: Old Navy Shorts: Old Navy Scarf: JCPenney Shoes: Converse

I wore this outfit on Sunday, when I was just starting to feel the beginnings of my cold coming on.  It was a homework day, so I wanted to be comfortable for a long day of reading, writing, and creating genograms.  Originally, I didn't have the scarf on, but the outfit felt way too plain.  None of my necklaces were standing out to me, but my scarves were poking out of the corner of my closet, and I decided that it was cool enough in the air conditioned apartment to wear a scarf.  I love the buttery yellow color of this scarf, and its soft texture is cozy and comfortable.  I'm pleased with how this outfit turned out - it was perfect for the day!

Thank you for all your sweet comments and well wishes for my stupid cold!  Monday and Tuesday were pretty rough, but aside from my disgusting, hacking cough, I'm feeling alright today!  I was able to get through my unread blogs on Monday, but I'm still behind on replying to comments.  That's the goal for today, in between work and class.  Thanks for being understanding with me needing to get caught up!! 

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