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Closet Tour!

Over Labor Day weekend, I was in need of a homework break.  I decided it was time to rearrange our closets.  Previously, Kevin and I shared the closet in our bedroom, and I had a few "out of season" items in our spare room closet next door.  We had a small dresser in the closet that contained my underwear, socks, pajamas, workout clothes, etc., and a huge dresser in our room that had all of Kevin's clothing (aside from his hanging items like button ups, blazers, suits, and dress pants).  I asked Kevin if he wouldn't mind if we separated closets to keep things neat and organized (I am a super organized and anal person, and Kevin is not...he hangs things really sloppily and it makes me anxious to see my things hanging and folded nice next to his mishmash of unorganized clothes...hence the separation.).  He agreed, and my project began.

The first thing I did was pull this dresser into the closet.  It previously belonged to my grandparents, and I painted it black and added some silver hardware to update the look.  The dresser holds all of my underwear, socks, bras, camisoles, workout and lounge clothes.  I use old shoeboxes inside the drawers to separate different items (one box for all my knee-high socks, another for all my workout socks, for example).  In the old closet, I had all my purses and bags shoved into a huge cardboard box (gross).  Instead, I arranged them in a laundry basket, and put the bigger totes and overnight bags next to the handbags.  To the left of the dresser, I have tucked my suitcases into the corner.  I also separated all my scarves and belts from the rest of my clothing (on either side of the dresser).  The old shoe boxes and the tan square container on the very top shelf (in between the humidifier box and the box of shopping bags, hahaha) hold my leggings, swimsuits, and tights.

The left image shows how I organize my belts and scarves.  My belts are draped on tie hangers so I can easily see them and hang them up.  My scarves are all arranged on shower rings that are attached to child-sized hangers.  I loop them through the shower rings so they can all be seen.  Since taking these pictures, I have actually arranged my scarves in ROYGBIV order, which makes it much easier to find the ones I'm looking for (I have 26 scarves, and I don't want any of them to get forgotten!).

The middle photo shows most of my jewelry.  My mom gave me this jewelry organizer, and while it's not the most beautiful (I want to spray paint it black!), it works SO well in organizing all my necklaces and dangly earrings.  I sort of have them organized by color - the necklaces on the left are all colorful, the ones in the middle are mostly solid metal (plain gold or silver), and the ones on the right are also neutrals, but range from black to white with browns in the mix as well.  My earrings are also organized by color and material - the left section is generally black and gold, the middle section is silver, and the right section is all the earrings with color.  I have a separate container for all my studs as well.

The right photo just shows another view of how I organized all my handbags and overnight bags in the laundry basket.

The photo on the left shows all my clothing.  Rather than having my stuff separated by season and stored in another closet, I have everything I own right here.  It's all organized very meticulously from left to right: tanks and sleeveless blouses, short-sleeved shirts, long-sleeved shirts, vests, cardigans, blazers, skirts, pants, dresses.  Within each category, the items are organized by ROYGBIV as well.  This way, I can find exactly what I'm looking for, and it makes putting laundry away easy as well, since everything has a home!

The right images show what's on the shelves above the hanging rod.  The top right photo has all my sweaters.  I keep them folded so they don't get misshapen on a hanger.  They are currently organized by weight/warmth, with the thicker and bulkier sweaters on the left and the lighter-weight sweaters on the right.  The bottom right photo shows all my non-hanging pants.  Jeans and pants are on the left and in the middle, and all my shorts are on the right.

All of my shoes are in our hall closet on a shoe rack, but they're not organized very nicely and our hall closet is gross, so I'm sparing you those details.  Also, I have a hook on the wall next to the closet which is where I hang my outfit for the next day each night.  When I am about to shower, I just grab the hanger and go!  It saves so much time in the mornings!

There you have it - the closet tour of a very average fancy hangers, no pretty bowls for my rings, shoe boxes for organization, and, as usual, no fancy photography.  It isn't glamorous, but it works perfectly for me, and having my closet all organized makes getting dressed and planning outfits so much easier and fun!

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