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An Outfit Fit for a Librarian

Tank: Maurices Skirt: Old Navy Cardigan: Target Flats: Payless

I've been wearing a fair amount of color lately, but my comfort zone is really in neutral and darker colors.  Sometimes, I just need a day in which I'm wearing the neutrals I love so much.  I really, really loved how this outfit came together.  It's quite simple, but the embroidery on the tank is so gorgeous and I wanted to let it speak for itself.  When I walked into my office wearing this outfit, the administrative assistant in our office said, "You look like a school librarian!!"  I chuckled to myself.  Essentially, I'm just wearing a pencil skirt, blouse, and that the stereotypical librarian outfit?  Is it because I'm wearing my glasses too?  I don't know...I thought it was funny, though!

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