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Ohhh Maxi Skirts...

Tee: Old Navy Skirt: Old Navy Scarf: Target Sandals: Target

I've had this outfit on my "to wear" list for a long, long time, but I finally decided to just go for it instead of saving it for something special.  I love maxi skirts, but find them so hard to style.  I've been trying to pin more outfits, but I feel like maxi skirts look so different on my body type than in the pins I've found, so it just doesn't look quite right.  I wish with this outfit that I had put on a belt to give me more of a waistline, but a) I forgot and b) I don't like the way belts look on me, for the most part.  Oh  well!  I do really like this outfit, though, and would like to keep experimenting with maxi skirts.  What do you think about maxi skirts - yay or nay?

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