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Budgeting Bloggers: August

I've tried to forget about what a crappy month July was for budgeting, and vowed to not shop during the month of August at all.  I made it halfway through the month until Target had their extra 20% clearance items, and some things I had been watching in the store for ages became incredibly inexpensive.  I broke the shopping ban that once, but am proud to say that I didn't spend any more money afterwards.  I did, however, get some new things in my closet as a result of some blog giveaways, a research study I participated in, and the generosity of my mom.

Here's a breakdown of what I got:

Linen-blend skirts in navy blue, pink, and green print: $4 apiece, $12 total - I love skirts with elastic waistbands because they are so dang comfortable!  I was almost willing to pay full-price for these ($23 apiece), but ultimately, am SO happy I waited! (worn here, here, and here)
Mint peplum sweater: $8 - I have finally decided to try out both mint and peplum.  After being unable to find the right style peplum or the right mint piece, when this sweater came along and fit both criteria perfectly, I decided to purchase it.  I love it so much and think it will transition nicely into the fall and winter. (worn here)

Green printed sheer shirt: gift from Mom - My mom and I were browsing at JCPenney earlier this month, and we both spotted this top on the wall.  I tried it on and immediately loved it - the color is great and the little pattern is interesting.  I really like these sheer shirts - they are breathable in the heat but the longer sleeves keep me warm in my cold classrooms.
Black, white, and green printed crop pants: gift from Mom - Originally, my mom and I were out shopping because I needed some new pants that were work- and internship-appropriate.  I love my Gap printed crops and wanted to find another pair.  This pair was on the clearance rack and they fit me really nicely!  I think they'll look great with black, white, or even my neon green tank.
Black skinny jeans: gift from Mom - My beloved black skinny jeans are starting to fade, stretch out, and look worn.  I wanted to try a new brand to see if I could find anything I love even more than my NY&C pair, so I thought I'd give this pair a try.  I have had this brand's skinny jeans in the past and really like them.  I haven't yet worn these (TOO HOT), but I know I will get tons of wear out of them once it cools down a little bit.

Black and white embroidered tank: $22, free with store credit - I really like the floral pattern on this tank, and thought the black and white looked really striking together.  I've worn this tank so far with a pencil skirt and cardigan, but I think it will look great with a blazer as well, or even just "as is."
Black and mint lace tank: $22, free with store credit - You all know how I feel about lace (I love it), and when I was browsing on, this tank just popped out at me!  I love that it has a soft minty lining to add a little pop of color with the lace.  I haven't worn this top yet, but I am excited to dig it out.  Like the above tank, I think it will look great with a cardigan, blazer, or on its own.
Pink bubble necklace: $18, free with store credit - I've been admiring the bubble necklaces from afar for a while now, but I'm admittedly a cheap person and don't like to spend a lot of money on trendy necklaces.  Since I had store credit, I decided to try it out!  I love the style and the color is perfect, and the necklace adds a nice detail to my outfits. (worn here)
White statement necklace (same style but different color): $16, free with store credit - As I mentioned with the pink bubble necklace, I really don't like spending lots of money on jewelry.  I have been thinking about getting a white necklace for a while now, but was not able to find something that I really liked.  When I saw this one, I knew it would be a great neutral statement necklace to add to my collection! (worn here)

Name necklace: I won the oNecklace giveaway on Rachel's blog and ordered this necklace.  I received it last week and have worn it a couple of times already, although it hasn't been featured on the blog yet. When I was growing up, I could never find anything with my name on it, so whenever I do have something that is personalized, I get really excited.  I can't wait to snap some good pictures of the necklace and share them with you!

So, all in all, I only spent $20 out of pocket this month.  I consider that a huge win and a huge improvement from my crappy July!

I have several gift cards and rewards to use up pretty soon, so I am looking forward to doing some more mindful shopping soon.  I have a few things that I'm looking for this fall, including some new cardigans, a camel blazer, and some more button ups/popover blouses, so I'm hoping to find some great new pieces!

I'm linking up with Franish and the other budgeting bloggers - stop by and see how everyone else did this month!

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