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Tee: Target Pants: NY&C Flats: Payless

This is quite possibly one of the most boring outfits I've worn on the blog, but I'm blogging it anyways. It was one of those mornings where I just could not decide what to wear.  Nothing looked appealing, or it wasn't appropriate for today's weather or my plans for the day.  I wanted to wear my skinny jeans again, but since I wore them yesterday, I thought I'd give them a break.  I wanted a no-fuss outfit so I paired my black skinnies with a simple tee.  Not wanting to bother with a necklace or scarf, I picked out my biggest earrings (which you can't really see in the picture - they just look like weird flippy-out pieces of my hair - oops) and leopard flats for a little something extra.  Not the best, but I'm comfortable, and that's what I was going for today.

I'm so excited to start work and school again so that I can wear all my favorite clothes again without feeling like I'm "wasting" the outfits on an average day with no plans.  Is that weird?  Whatever.  Plus, with the school year comes slightly cooler temperatures, which means layers and boots and tights and sweaters and scarves and all my favorite things.  Yay!

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