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An Outfit Fit for Errands

Tank, cardigan, shorts: Old Navy Sandals: Target

It's my last Friday of freedom!  I begin my new job on Monday.  I'll be working with a faculty member in my department, helping her with research.  I also begin my high school counseling internship next week as well.  As much as I have loved having lots of free time this past month, I'm really looking forward to my new adventures and having some kind of routine again.  I can't wait to start dressing less casually, as well!

I'm running lots of errands today and getting things taken care of before I head back to work and school.  This outfit is perfect for running around.  I'll be comfortable in multiple temperatures (hot outdoors, AC indoors), and since I need to go get blood drawn today, I'll be able to slip my arm out of the cardigan no problem.

This weekend, Kevin and I are going to do a whole lot of relaxing together.  With me being in and out so much taking care of my dad after his stroke and my grandpa after his eye surgery, and Kevin starting back at work again, we haven't had lots of time with each other lately.  We are going to see Kickass 2 tomorrow (I CAN'T WAIT!!), and a friend of ours is coming to visit on Sunday.  He's moving to Rhode Island for work, and wants to see us before he moves.  He also just got a brand new suuuper fluffy puppy, so we are so excited to meet it!  That's about all we have planned - sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

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