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A Blazer in the Heat

Tank: Target, thrifted new Skirt: Target Blazer: Calvin Klein, thrifted Flats: Payless

Oh goodness - I have been so busy this week getting into a new routine that I haven't been the most consistent blogger.  I've got about 250 unread blog posts from this week sitting in my reader as well, and I promise I'll chip away at them over the next few days.  I've missed interacting with you all!!

I wore this outfit on Tuesday, on my first day of my elementary school counseling internship.  The school has no air conditioning, so it was toasty.  Luckily, this blazer is knit and quite breathable, and the outfit still looked alright even without the blazer, so I felt as comfortable as I could in near 100 degree temperatures!  I don't know about you all, but I'm more than ready for the temperature to drop.  I'm running out of things to wear that are appropriate for school and work...and I'm tired of having to shave my legs every day!

Please bear with me as I adjust to my new, crazy schedule - I promise I'm still around, just not as active as I have been previously.  I've still been photographing my outfits every day, so I'll be putting posts up when I need a study break.  I think my blog is going to keep me sane throughout this whole school year, so thank you in advance for being a part of my support network!!

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