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Twenty-Six + Guest Post!!

Dress: Target, thrifted new Cardigan: TJ Maxx Flats: Payless Necklace: Made by my friend!

Happy Friday!  I came up to my parent's house today to hang out with my dad this weekend.  We had lunch with a very close family friend.  My mom did daycare for her and her sister when they were little, I nannied them when I was in college, and she is going off to college in a few short weeks.  It was great to see her again before she leaves.

This afternoon, my mom and I went shopping while my dad put in a little more time at work, and I got some cute headbands, a skirt, and a few other things while we were out.  There were tons of good deals today - I love finding something I love and then finding out that it's on a mega sale!

This evening, we're going to play games as a family.  Part of my dad's therapy is to play games that use your brain, so we'll be playing rounds of Scattergories, Set, Blokus, etc. to keep his brain active and try to recover some of the cognitive functioning that was damaged by his stroke.  What a fun prescription! :)

Also, I guest posted over on Bri's blog today while she is on an amazing Alaskan cruise.  Stop by, check out the post, and give Bri some love!

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