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Twenty-Seven & Twenty-Eight.

Dress: Old Navy Scarf: Old Navy Sandals: Target

 Dress: Target, thrifted new Vest: Old Navy Scarf: Old Navy Sandals: Target

So I mentioned that I was home again this weekend.  It was great to spend more time with my dad.  He continues to heal, and I am so grateful that he is alright and that we are able to have meaningful time together.  My parents have been mentoring a little boy, Denari, for several years now, and we went to go see Despicable Me 2 together on Saturday.  The movie was super cute (I love the minions!), and it was so much fun to see Denari again.  He's like a little brother to me and it has been awesome to see him grow over the years!

I also spent some time this weekend shopping, both by myself and with my mom.  I know I am wayyy over budget for July (AGAIN, what the heck?!) but I got some amazing things and I do not regret any of them so far.  I can't wait to wear my new pieces after the 30x30 is done!  I'll have my July budget post up tomorrow, I think.

I also am over at Animated Cardigan today, guest posting about my pups.  If you want to see some adorable pictures of them (including the picture that made me fall in love with Pippin), check out the post here!

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