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Top: Old Navy Shorts: Old Navy Shoes: Target, thrifted new Necklace: Gift

I need to get some sun.  My legs are the same color as my light khaki shorts... [I do, however, think they look nice in these shorts.  Positive self-talk - woo!!]

I've always struggled getting dressed in the summer, since I love wearing layers, and hot temperatures are just not conducive to layering.  I'm not the best accessorizer either, so my outfits tend to err on the simple side.  I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing...but I just really don't want to be boring, you know?  I think I need to spend some time on Pinterest looking for some good summer outfit inspiration.  Or, if you guys have any favorite outfits or suggestions, include them in the comments!  I'm always open for feedback or suggestions :)

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