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Welcome to my new blog name and address!  I know the change seems kind of abrupt, but I've been thinking about doing this for a long time, and finally figured out how to make the switch!  From here on out, my blog is called brynnash - my long-time username that I'm quite attached to.  It comes from my first name, Brynn, and my middle name, Ashley.

Please add this site address to whatever reader you use, and feel free to follow me on Google Friend Connect here as well, if you'd like.  If my blog is listed on your blog roll or anything, if you'd kindly make the change from "The Original Brynn" to "brynnash," that would be great!  And if you see anything funky with the layout, let me know.  (I know my header is really huge right now - I'm working on resizing it!)

The last time I wore my nude flats, Rooney decided they looked like a good chew toy.  I was so bummed, and immediately went online to reorder another pair.  They arrived just this week, so I'm  really happy to be wearing them again.  I was down a pair of shoes in my 30x30!  Yikes!

Thank you!  Happy Sunday!

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