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Tank/Blazer/Shorts: Old Navy Sandals: Target Necklace: Forever 21

It's yet another scorching day in Minnesota.  I really love this outfit because it couldn't be more comfortable, but it still looks nice.  It balances the stark difference in temperature between the balmy outdoors and the heavily air-conditioned office and classroom I spend my days in.  I'm in desperate need of a haircut again (it has gotten sooo shaggy and gross!) so I've been pinning my bangs back a ton and wearing headbands to keep the unruly pieces out of my face.  I'm debating about what I should do with my hair...get a pixie cut like I've been wanting for so long, cut it back to where it was the last time I cut my hair (2 months ago - AH!), or grow it out slightly so the back is a little longer than it is now but still shorter than the front and sides...CHOICES!  I am thinking I'll probably just get it trimmed and shaped for now so I don't look all overgrown and nasty, but I'm not sure what my "end goal" is for now.  Oh well, it's just hair :)

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