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30x30 Recap and Reflections

It's done!  The 30x30 was a great experience.  I've been reading style blogs for so long that I have seen plenty of 30x30 challenges, and I loved being able to add myself into the mix of people who have undertaken the challenge.  Based on how other people have felt during their challenges, I thought I would eventually hate these 30 items by the end of the month.  Honestly, I could have kept going with these pieces.  I loved all of them and enjoyed mixing and matching them all month.

The chambray shirt, gray & white striped tank, white ruffled shirt, and purple tee were all worn 3 times.  I wore the black & white striped tee, coral tee, black top, floral blouse, and striped sweater each twice.  I wore the floral skirt and skinny jeans four times.  The striped skirt and each of the shorts (coral, black, and khaki) were all worn three times, and the black jeans were only worn twice.  Each dress was worn twice.  I wore the vest four times, the coral cardigan and denim jacket were worn three times, and the blazer was only worn twice.  My black flat sandals and pewter sandals were the MVPs, each getting worn seven times.  The nude sandals were worn five times, the nude flats and black wedges each worn four times, and the green flats were worn three times.

Favorites and least favorites
I loved outfits 6, 14, 21, and 23.  I also really liked the simplicity and charm of outfits 25 and 26.  My least favorite outfits were 8, 11, and 24.  Perhaps if I had left the vest unbuttoned in outfit 24, it would have worked better?  I'm not sure.

Lessons learned
I actually really liked my items for this challenge.  I had a few parameters when choosing my items that I needed to stick to.  First, for my work uniform, I needed to wear black or khaki bottoms on days that I worked, so I needed to include the black and khaki shorts as well as my black skinny jeans for some variety (before and after class, I changed into my work polos).  I also needed to take into consideration the temperature.  July gets super hot and humid in Minnesota, but I also spent most of my afternoons in a freezing cold classroom.  Layers and long pants were great for that.

As much as I love dresses, they weren't as versatile in the challenge as I had hoped they'd been.  I could have done some cool things with wearing dresses as tops or as skirts, but I didn't get around to it.  Perhaps next time I do this challenge, I won't get caught up in the "obvious" outfits and will try to stretch myself a little bit.  Also, while shorts are practical, I don't love how they look on me.  The coral shorts in particular look really awkward on my body...but they're super comfortable so I'll probably keep wearing them anyways.

Accessories are lifesavers!  Since a lot of my outfits were essentially a tee and shorts, throwing on a scarf, necklace, or belt really made the outfits more interesting (like outfit 16...which I didn't really like, but the scarf made it less boring).

I hope you all enjoyed following along with me and Inge as we took on our first 30x30 challenge!  Let me know what your favorite and least favorite outfits for the challenge were!  I'd love to hear your input!!

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